Just in time for Canada Day, Acclaimed International Artist gifts the nation with inspiring new song

(Hamilton, ON, June 25) YES CANADA! - An heartfelt, inspiring new song by Hamilton based artist Michael St George, reflecting Canada, its values, potential and the opportunity time has afforded  it has just been released just in time for Canada Day.  It is, says the artist - a gift to the nation. In true anthem form, this song truly brings the country together. 

This inspiring Canadian artist - often called the Motivating Sounds Generator -  has been featured in media around the world including the Toronto Sun, the Toronto Star, Jamaica Gleaner, CBC, ABC Radio Australia, Upliftconnect, and now, say industry watchers - he’s expected to expand that reach.   YES CANADA! will reach an international audience - and the hearts of and minds of Canadians internationally and coast to coast : a fitting and timely gift in SongPoetry. 

This exciting new song is an international collaboration, composed by Michael St. George and Dub Meastro Dr.Dennis Bovell, with production assistance by Juno award winner Errol Starr Francis and Sheldon Bernard.  Mix by Dennis Bovell assisted by Ben McKone, Boogie Back Stud. 

Yes CANADA is the first single from the SongPoet Project by Michael St. George. 

With a release date set for September, the first of three EPs, will be followed by SongPoet 2 & 3. The groundbreaking body of work plants itself firmly at the oratory intersection complimentarily seasoned by contemporary spirited music. 

KLIVE WALKER- (Writer and cultural critic), in Global Reggae by Carolyn Cooper) states,  “Michael St George is one of the most important dub poets to have emerged during the 1990's” with “a voice that chants his verse with a dramatic power.” and BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH -- poet, playwright, author said “ Michael's use of reggae music, fused with a uniquely oral poetic style, has made him a true international artist. He is a member of the family of poets taking the oral tradition to new heights.” 

Michael was awarded the Ontario Federation of Labour Art and Culture Award for outstanding contribution to his field. His work has been selected for the documentary Speaking in Tongues: The History of Language with the renowned Noam Chomsky and others. 

At a time when politics and social issues seem to be bringing us further apart, YES CANADA is a powerful message that whoever we are and wherever we are from, we need to harness the collective to empower and improve lives on this planet. It a reminder from the song As it touches the heart and moves the body of the listeners, the song behoves us to.- “Usher in a good new era Canada, Niagara falls to Vancouver “ 

When asked why (when) he wrote YES CANADA, the artist said, “I felt in this rapidly changing world, Canada like a few other nations is poised to make a significant statement to the world regarding how to lead.  There are some domestic issues that need to be dealt with urgently. The synergy and rallying cry of this piece can be helpful. I hope people get the possibilities it speaks to” The response so far, he says, “has been amazing. People keep telling me its the new Canadian anthem!” 

There is still a long way to go, says the socially conscious artist.  "I am a citizen of the world first and deeply grateful for the opportunities this country has afforded me. However, there is so much more that can be done to create a greater sense of national pride and demonstrate better leadership on many fronts.” 

YES CANADA is a deep dub rocking, heartfelt contribution. A gift, by one of your socially conscious artists -   And what a gift it is. 

The song can be downloaded for free here.

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