Michael's work resonates as a clear-clear, strident movement that is bold, daring, honest, funny, politically insightful and inspiring . . . It is right in time.” - Dr. Althea Prince - author, educator

edu-tainer & dub performance artist

Michael St. George is one of the most important and unique dub performance artists to have emerged from Jamaica. With his dramatic power and vocal skills, St. George, is consistently pushing the boundaries of songs and poetry, utilising the roots reggae cadence, world beats and jazz influences to connect with audiences of diverse age and culture.

He is a conscious artist that concocts a futuristic approach to historic context and awareness with a profound sonic roots fusion. He continues the legacy of quality music with inspiring and uplifting messages as he sweetens and soothes the complimentarily intersection of poetry and music like none other. He is the poet that rocks the festival and makes poetry dance. 

St. George is a well established recognised leader in his field. Born in Portland, Jamaica, of Maroon heritage and having grown up in Kingston and St. Andrew, he dedicates much of his work to equity, justice and universal love. He reminds us of the urgency to examine the conditions of the world, think critically and take meaningful actions to ease the suffering of the most vulnerable among us. 

Michael's use of reggae music, fused with a uniquely oral poetic style, has made him a true international artist . . . He is a member of the family of poets taking the oral tradition to new heights.” - Benjamin Zephaniah - poet, playwright, author

St. George has composed and collaborated with international musicians and producers such as Dennis Bovell (UK), Kassa Alexander (UK), Peter Hulong (Canada), Charles Sinclair (Canada),Sheldon  Bernard (Jamaica), Earl ‘Chinno’ Smith (Jamaica), Paul Kastic (Jamaica), Alex Richardson (Australia), OKA (Australia), Ollie McGill (Cat Empire, Australia) Tatadindin (Gambia), Mafu Konteh, Bambu Konteh (Gambia) Jali Bakery Konteh (UK/Gambia) and Benjy Myaz (Jamaica) and more. 

Having lived in Jamaica, Canada and Australia, Michael uses poetry and music as a medium to dismantle borders, celebrate the power of diversity and self elevation. From tracks such as Life Is Special, Don’t Forget Your Dreams, Fight Your Fears, and Caged In, he emphasises the urgency of walking the wisdom path and holding ourselves accountable to become the change we yearn for. 

One of his most thought-provoking invitations is I Do Not Submit, a remarkable sonic and visual experience. Together, his book Night Spin, two plays, and albums Dubbin Di Vibes, Self Assession, Fight Your Fears Or Die, and his history making Root to Fruit that speaks to concerns for the treatment of the elderly and the values of inter-generational relationships, have resulted in a sonically uplifting body of work that reflects the quintessential and unmistakable sound of MSG—The Motivational Sound Generator. He is in the process of completing the SongPoet Trilogy, an artistic risk-taking three part project of distinction in his field. 

In addition to his travels and concerts in North America, the Caribbean, UK, Europe, Africa, and Australia, Michael regularly conducts workshops and performances for students and educators internationally. St. George’s universal appeal places him strategically with a reputation for positive provocative stimulus, captivating rhythms and spirituality that seek to incite constructive change. He continues his mission to help people heal by raising their vibrations, rekindle their spirits, fostering and promoting reciprocal exchange in order to strengthen and build bridges in global communities.

Michael St George is one of the hardest working, relentlessly touring, constantly performing and recording poets out there . . . His mastery of the dub poetic form and sensibility is outstanding. His poetry brims with the experience of a seasoned chronicler, a mastered of his form, in his form.” - Clifton Joseph - writer, broadcaster, dub poet

As a guest professor at Brock University in Canada, St. George's inspiring message of empowerment to students, subsequently led to the establishing of a non-for-profit organization, The Turn Around Project, that works with youth in Canada, Jamaica and Japan. 

The Ontario Federation of Labour presented St. George with the Art and Culture Award for outstanding contribution to his field. His work has been selected for several documentaries including Speaking In Tongues: The History of Language featuring Noam Chomsky. He has also received Canadian Reggae Music awards, won international slam competitions and other industry recognitions.

In Australia, Michael was the closing act for GARMA 2017. In collaboration with 7 culturally diverse Australian artists they recently presented a series of 10 shows at the Sydney Opera House, and toured with OKA. St. George is a remarkable practitioner that reminds us of legends such as Bob Dylan, Lenard Cohen, Gil Scott Heron, Richie Haven, Peter Tosh and Robert Nesta Marley. 

With his remarkable ability and unique philosophy that bridge generation gaps and rocks huge diverse audiences he continues to carefully craft advocacy and concerns for the marginalized. In his role as a SongPoet in dub aesthetic, Michael St George offers music and words of inspiration with a contemporary twist in musicality for our challenging times.

Michael St. George is one of the most important dub poets to have emerged during the 1990's...Like some of the best dub poets, St George possesses a voice that chants his verse with a dramatic power.” - Klive Walker

— Global Reggae by Carolyn Cooper