The MSG is back with a new album

With extensive years of poetry and observation feeding the tones, the rhythms, the spirit, and the message, The MSG's 2014 release Fight Your Fears or Die is an incisive excavation of fear and hope at the interface of real change. Signature grace, deep tenderness, tough questions, and strong statements to address that inner light that can take on the challenges and fear.
St. George’s evocative and commanding vocals, accentuated by an arresting array of musical compositions, is a distinctive, delightful, and dynamic work that immediately demands attention. The 12 tracks collection of poetic songs and musical poetry is chock-full of rhythmic vibes and rich verses that invite you to dance, dream, speak out loud, and sing along.
The production values are world class and the pieces are varied in style, tone, and tempo. The album presents a marvelously melodious marriage between inspirational yet rebellious spoken word/dub poetry and sometimes blues-infused, sometimes rocking and wailing but always authentic and unquestionably absorbing reggae music.  It speaks to challenges, personal and professional—family, friends, foes, engagements, passions, and lessons learnt.

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