Celebrating the New Year



I'd like to take a moment to wish you all a very special New Year. In the tradition of Rastafari this is the time we celebrate anew and renew connectedness to the earth and divine wisdom.   I invite you take a moment, step outside, take a walk in nature, and to pay close attention to the plants and the animals.  Place your hands firmly in the soil (the earth) and the evidences will be clear. The earth renews itself and so can you. It is a great time for resolutions. In this moment, I along with others and the "I n I" Universal energies, wish you a glorious and thunderous year. One of healing and prosperity. May you ride your horse well. 


I also want to take this time to offer you a gift, as gift giving is synonymous at new year. Here's a new website from me to you: michaelstgeorgedub.com. You have been asking, thy will is done. And in the same spirit of giving i also offer you fresh new sounds, a track from my new album "Fight your Fears or Die",  entitled Life is Special.

Love and Blessings
The msg

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